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Municipality complains about stalker

11 April 2007

BRUSSELS – The municipality of Blankenberge has filed a complaint against a citizen for stalking. The individual has sent an enormous amount of e-mail and letters to the municipal administration. This is the first time in Flanders that a municipality has filed a complaint against an individual for stalking.

Mayor Ludo Monset (Open Vld) defends the exceptional measure being taken. He says the functioning of the city services is in serious danger because of the person in question. The local government is required after all to answer questions from citizens.

Blankenberge has received 132 emails from the person since September 2002, most of which were several pages long containing questions, comments, opinions and also accusations. The Blankenberge mayor says there was no other option but to file a complaint against the individual.

“As a citizen I felt blocked by the government, and that was my response. What else could I do? It was David versus Goliath,” the man being accused of stalking said. The man started his campaign against the municipality when his lawn bowling club was ordered to move. He could face two years in prison and a significant fine.

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