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Move to black-list unofficial debtors lists

Published on 31/03/2005

31 March 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgium’s consumer protection minister wants to ban unofficial credit blacklists.

De Morgen reported on Wednesday that social democrat Freya Van den Bossche (SP.A) was drawing up a legal proposal to stop individuals ending up on unregulated lists.

“Ending up on a blacklist often leads to serious consequences for the person involved, but there aren’t any rules on the updating of these lists,” said the minister.

Van den Bossche is worried that there are increasing numbers of databases being compiled by the telephone, insurance, property and health industries.

They contain personal information about consumers and are sometimes used to create blacklists of consumers who should not be given services.

In some cases consumers are being wrongly denied vital services, believes Van den Bossche.

She wants to draw up legislation which makes clear which lists are authorised and which are illegal.

Those who compile legal lists will have to respect guidelines on their composition and management.

The minister intends to consult the advice of the Commission for the Protection of Private Life in drawing up the rules.

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