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Mother of child arrested

Published on 07/05/2007

7 May 2007

BERGEN – The mother of a 3-year-old boy found dead on Friday was arrested on suspicion of murder on Sunday and is being held in custody. Francophone radio station Vivacité reported this yesterday.

Three-year-old Etan was found dead in his home in Boussu on Friday afternoon. The child was lying in bed with a plastic bag near his head. Police came to the home at about 2.30 pm on Friday. The mayor of Boussu said at the time that he expected the death was an accident.

Etan’s mother is a single parent who has five other children as well. The woman called Etan’s school Friday morning to say that he wasn’t feeling well. The social assistance agency was familiar with the family’s situation.

An autopsy was performed on the boy’s body on Friday night.

Investigating magistrate Véronique Laloux and public prosecutor in Bergen are withholding from any comment on the case. No further details have been disclosed.

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