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Most workers would like to cycle

28 February 2007

BRUSSELS – One in ten Flemish workers cycle to work each day, while eight in ten say they would prefer to cycle to work rather than use other transport. This emerged from a survey by the Cyclists’ Association.

“The figures show that there is great potential for more bicycle use. A number of incentives from employers, like compensation for the purchase of a bicycle, would increase the number of people cycling,” says Patrick D’Haese, director of the Cyclists’ Association.

The survey of 1,000 people showed that 66 percent of them has less than 10 km to travel to get to work. “Perfectly cyclable distances,” said D’Haese. But previous figures show that only 6.4 percent of Belgians, and 10.1 percent of Flemish, actually cycle to work.

The Cyclists’ Association’s survey also indicated that “the weather” was the main reason why many choose not to go to work by bike. D’Haese said that this was based on misconceptions: “Figures from the meteorological institute (KMI) indicate that it only rains about 6 percent of the time.”

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