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Most gays ‘sexualperverts’ says cardinal

21 January 2004

BRUSSELS – Outspoken Belgian Cardinal Gustaaf Joos has branded 95 percent of gay people “sexual perverts”.

In an interview with the Flemish ‘P-magazine’ 80-year-old Joos, who was appointed a Roman Catholic cardinal last year, said the majority of gays were people with “serious problems” who needed help.

“I am ready to write in my own blood that of all the people who say they are homosexual only 5 or 10 percent really are. The others are simply sexual perverts,” the cardinal said.

“Real homosexuals don’t parade around the streets in brightly coloured clothes. Those people have a problem they must learn to live with. We should help them not judge them,” he added.

Joos said he was not worried about the prospect of thousands of angry gay people coming to protest outside his front door because of his comments.

“I just won’t open it,” he said bluntly.

Pope John Paul II made Joos a cardinal last October along with 30 other senior Catholic churchmen.

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