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Most Belgians would love to give up work

Published on 23/03/2004

23 March 2004

BRUSSELS – Six out of ten Belgians would happily never work another day in their lives, according to a new survey published on Tuesday.

The study, by online recruitment specialists StepStone, found that 59 percent of Belgians would like to be able to live without having to work.

Only 41 percent of Belgians questioned thought that work was essential to their personal well being, the survey added.

If the study is to be believed, Belgians are not Europe’s most work-shy citizens, however.

That honour is shared jointly by the Dutch and the Italians. In both countries around two thirds of employees would happily give up work if they could, the study found.

Meanwhile, a separate study has found that the number of Belgians taking sick leave is going up. In 2003 58.1 percent of Belgian workers called in sick at least once during the year. The figure in 2002 was 56 percent.

The number of Belgians taking time off for illness has risen steadily since 2000.

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