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Most Belgian sunbed centres ‘dangerous’

20 February 2004

BRUSSELS – Most tanning centres in Belgium do not respect the country’s health and safety laws, Belgian broadcaster Bel-RTL reported on its website on Friday.

The broadcaster said 70 percent of tanning centres in Belgium do not come up to scratch when it comes to ensuring customer safety.

Failing to provide users with information about the possible danger of exposure to ultraviolet rays is the most common problem, Bel-RTL added.

According to the report, tanning centre owners are aware of the problems but say the government has not yet provided them with clear guidelines on sunbed safety.

Medical experts warn that overusing sunbeds can seriously increase the risk of contracting skin cancer.

High-pressure sunbeds, which give intense bursts of radiation in two or three minutes, can be particularly dangerous.

Experts say a short high-pressure session can cause as much damage as a year’s normal exposure to the sun.

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