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More than 100 arrested in Belgium immigration demo: police

Belgian police late Friday arrested more than 100 protesters in Brussels calling for the closure of detention centres for illegal immigrants in Europe, a spokewoman said.

The protesters were rounded up near the capital’s Gare du Midi train station for violating a municipal order against assemblies of more than five people, police spokeswoman Marie Verbeke told AFP.

“There was no fighting,” she said, adding that people were detained after they refused to disperse. They will likely be released by Saturday.

The activist group No Border said another 50 people were detained in other parts of Brussels.

No Border is organising a protest on Saturday for “the closure of detention centers for undocumented immigrants” and for “the freedom of movement” in Europe, said activist Isabelle Lambert.

Friday’s demonstrations were not organised by No Border although members of the group had taken part, she said.