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More in debt seeking aid

The number of people in debt who go on to ask for assistance from local social services has risen by half in only seven years.

The figure is contained in a new survey carried out by 100 Flemish local social services’ offices across the land.

More and more Flemings are experiencing difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month.

Debt mediation services are facing the largest increase in demand. There has been a doubling of the requests for such help.

In such cases social services help debtors to draw up a repayment plan after the creditor has been contacted. In this way they can help to ensure that the debt is repaid.

If the debt management process is not successful, the creditor can take the matter to court.

Flemish social services also say that they are having to help more and more people out so that they can pay their rent.

14% of local social services already operate a waiting list for debt mediation. In Limburg the figure is 25%.