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More foreign patients on the way

12 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Parliament approved a proposed bill today that will open the door to (even) more patients from abroad. Belgium already treats more foreign patients than any other European country.

Flemish Liberal (VLD) MP Yolande Avontroodt, Jo Vandeurzen (Flemish Christian democrat CD&V) and Maya Detiège (Socialist SP.A) submitted proposed legislation to make it possible to further increase Belgium’s appeal to foreign patients.

The proposal removes a number of legal and financial obstacles that make Belgian hospitals hesitant to admit foreign patients.

The prices that are now charged foreign patients often do not always cover costs because these patients often arrive in more serious condition and frequently opt for an operation.

The new regulations have raised fears that some hospitals may focus preferential treatment on rich foreign patients at the expense of Belgians, who will end up on waiting lists.

That is why a committee will also be appointed to monitor that the hospitals remain easily accessible for Belgian patients and to keep a close eye on the waiting lists for Belgians.

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