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More dyslexia cases in higher ed

Published on 30/05/2007

30 May 2007

BRUSSEL – An increasing number of students in higher education are struggling with dyslexia. An estimated 4,000 students at Flemish colleges and universities have difficulty reading and writing.

Gasper Haenecaert, coordinator of the Flemish Expertise Centre for Disabilities and Higher Education, says this trend can be seen across all levels of education, “not only in Flanders, but around the world.”

The increase in the number of cases of dyslexia among students can in the first place be attributed to the fact that universities and colleges are paying more attention to students with disabilities in general.

A working group from the Expertise Centre has ascertained that the evolution of language studies in primary and secondary education – a shift away from grammar and less attention to sentence analysis – causes extra problems for students with dyslexia.

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