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More Belgians out of work in June

Published on 26/07/2007

25 July 2007

BRUSSELS – The number of unemployed people looking for work increased in June. Last month 428,708 unemployed received benefits. That is 12,943 more than in May, but 22,960 less than in June 2006.

The figures were provided by the RVA (Government labour provision service).

The decrease in unemployment was greatest in the Flanders(-17,362). In Wallonia, 6,076 less people received benefits, compared to last year’s figures. In the Brussels region, more people lost their jobs (+748) than last year.

The number of unemployed under 25 who received benefits from the RVA came to 63,262. That was 4,556 more than in May. The annual decrease for this group came to 13,454.

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