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Millions of euros in seized terror funds

Published on 13/07/2005

13 July 2005

BRUSSELS — Millions of euros have been seized from people and organisations named on suspected terrorist lists in the past few years, Socialist PS Senator Anne-Marie Lizin has said.

Lizin was speaking as the chairwoman of the Comité I, which supervises the Belgian intelligence services. The Senate was informed on Tuesday about the nation’s ongoing fight against terrorism.

Following the 11 September terrorist attacks in the US, lists of suspected terrorists were drawn up to help authorities ward of repeat attacks.

The funds of people included on the list can be frozen or seized, while suspects can also be refused permission to board planes.

However, Lizin also claimed that the lists are only an aid in the war against terrorism.

This is despite the fact Belgian anti-terrorism authorities use the secret lists to maintain surveillance of terror suspects.
Intelligence services must increasingly infiltrate suspicious groups, Lizin said.

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