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Meningitis wanes thanks to vaccination campaign

Published on 18/01/2005

18 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The number of cases of meningitis in Belgium has fallen in 2004, for the third year running.

The figures were published by the Scientific Institute of Public Health (ISP).

In 2004, the ISP recorded 158 cases of meningitis, 21 of which were type C, the most dangerous form of the disease.

A total of 228 cases of meningitis were reported in 2003, 262 in 2002, and 380 in 2001.

There were 47 cases of meningitis C in 2003, 89 in 2002 and 179 in 2001.

In 2004, ten Belgians were killed by the disease, and nine in 2003.

The figures were higher in previous years, standing at 15 in 2002 and 26 in 2001.

According to ISP spokesman Germaine Hanquet, the global fall in cases of meningitis has been due to campaigns for free vaccinations.

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