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Maximum Five Years Prison for Kenny B.

7 February 2007

BRUSSELS —  Kenny B. (18), suspected of the murder in Ostend last weekend, will be indicted for inflicting multiple wounds that led to a death. This means that he could receive a maximum of five years in prison for the crime if convicted.

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt congratulated the police on having arrested the suspect this quickly.

The suspect’s attorney, Antoon Coucke, claims Kenny B. handed himself in shortly after the incident.

Kenny B. allegedly stabbed 18-year-old Bart Bonroy and his friend at the Marie-José Square on Saturday evening. The two victims were waiting for a taxi when they were attacked. Bonroy died shortly after the attack. His friend survived the injuries.

Witnesses claimed that Kenny always carried a knife with him.

The results of the blood tests are expected on Wednesday afternoon.

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