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Mariusz O. free in 4 years

Published on 30/03/2007

30 March 2007

BRUSSELS – The juvenile court in Brussels has decided that Mariusz O. will not be tried as an adult. He will remain in a secure facility until his 21st birthday at most.

He is one of the two suspects in the killing of Joe Van Holsbeeck (17).  He and another teenager stabbed Van Holsbeeck in order to steal his MP3 player. O. is not considered responsible for the fatal stabbing wound however.

The Brussels public prosecution department is furious and is appealing the decision. The victim’s father Guy Van Holsbeeck was extremely upset and left the juvenile court a bitter man. This was the last thing he was expecting.

“I am very disappointed,” Van Holsbeeck said. “If you want to do something terrible, you should apparently do it before you turn eighteen. Then you won’t be punished.”

Adam G., who delivered the fatal stab wound to Joe Van Holsbeeck at the Central Station in Brussels almost a year ago, was handed over to the court by the juvenile court and will be tried as an adult.

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