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Marc Dutroux ends ‘hunger strike’ after just two days

18 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Child killer Marc Dutroux has begun, and already ended, a two-day hunger strike.

According to the Justice Ministry, the most infamous inmate in Belgium refused his prison meals on Thursday and Friday but by was eating again by the weekend.

“It was a simple change in mood,” said a spokesman for Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx.

She confirmed that Dutroux, who is regularly weighed by the prison doctor, had regained his normal weight by Sunday.

Dutroux staged his short protest at Ittre prison where he was transferred on 5 January to await trial in Nivelles, where he faces car smuggling charges.

The trial has now been put on hold until April and Dutroux has insisted he be sent back to Arlon jail where he has been held since 1996.

He said he had grown used to his usual habits there and could consult his judicial file in his cell.

Dutroux is been kept in isolation in a special security wing of the prison and has no contact with any other prisoners.

Guards check on him every 15 minutes.

The Justice Ministry has said no final decision has been taken on whether to transfer Dutroux back to Arlon.

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