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‘Mafia man’ arrested over money laundering

Published on 12/12/2003

12 December 2003

BRUSSELS – A Japanese man, considered to be involved in the Japanese mafia, was arrested Wednesday for money laundering on Belgian territory.

The investigation began on the behest of the Financial Information Treatment Cell (Cetif), which claimed substantial amounts of dirty money originating in Japan was being transited through Belgium.

The transits included account transfers, currency exchange, and property purchases, notably with the help of personal contracts drafted with the Democratic Republic of Congo’s current president, Joseph Kabila.

The Belgian-based fraud is estimated at some USD 200 million, originating with a Japanese group named Kashin, suspected of being part of a larger international sect led by Riichiro Ohashi.

According to NGO Congo Development, Riichiro was arrested in the Congo in June, while others believe he has taken refuge in Thailand.

Riichiro is suspected of fraud to the tune of one billion Japanese yen (EUR 800 million).

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