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Luxury vote service for Belgium’s US expats

Published on 03/08/2004

3 August 2004

BRUSSELS – US expats living in Belgium will not even have to leave their own homes to register to vote in this November’s Presidential elections, thanks to a new service unveiled on Tuesday.

Volunteers from Democrats Abroad (DA), the expat wing of the US Democratic Party, are offering to visit unregistered voters in their homes and help them complete all of the paperwork needed to take part in the presidential poll.

“We’ll bring the papers to you, help you fill them out and even mail them in for you!” DA said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

The offer is open to all unregistered US expats, whatever their political persuasion.

To qualify for the free ‘at home’ service, five US expats must group together and ask a DA volunteer to call.

” Just think – no hassle, no stamps, and no long waits at the Embassy! You’ll be able to register in your office, home or a café of your choice,” said DA.

The organisation says it can also help US expats who are not able to team up with four fellow citizens.

It says voter registration papers are available online or at any DA events.

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