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Local police recruit soldiers

Published on 20/02/2007

20 February 2007

BRUSSELS – Home Affairs is launching a recruitment campaign to attract more soldiers to the police force. Only 71 older military officers have opted to join the police force for a one-year trial period.

Home Affairs Minister Patrick Dewael (VLD) and Defence Minister André Flahaut (PS) reached an agreement in 2005 that 250 jobs at the local police forces would be filled by older military officers.

It has been 18 months and the figure is still far from the target. No more than 71 officers are currently serving a one-year trial period, according to newspaper De Morgen.

Defence are paying their salary for the trial period; once they are officially transferred both the police and defence department will contribute to their salaries.

The agreement is also having trouble getting off the ground because of how the costs have been arranged. The agreement was reached at the time as a way for Flahaut to trim down the army and for the police to use fewer officers into office jobs.

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