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Lloyds TSB International launches interactive international schools tool (Sponsored Contribution)

The tool provides important information about schools around the world, such as fees, term times, curricula and contact details, all in an interactive format that allows you to select the details that interest you most and compare and contrast as you see fit.

For parents who are considering or indeed moving abroad, finding a good school is a primary concern. While our list of schools is not exhaustive, it should provide a useful guide on what to expect overseas.

Recent research commissioned by Lloyds TSB International among 1,034 British expats* revealed that:

– 51 per cent of respondents said their country of residence is a better place to raise children, compared to 11 per cent who disagreed
– 46 per cent of respondents said a key reason for their country of residence being a better place to raise children is because it gives them a chance to experience another culture/society
– 28 per cent of respondents think schooling is better in their country of residence, compared to 24 per cent who think it is better in the UK

Users can log on by visiting: www.lloydstsbexpat.com. Once on the site, choose a country to view average international school fees and more detailed information on international schools in the country or region.

Tony Wilcox, Managing Director Expatriate Banking, Lloyds TSB International commented:

"Moving abroad is an exciting step towards a new life and adventures overseas.  Pre-move expats will want to make the right preparations to ensure a smooth transition.  That’s why we’ve created useful tools to provide guidance on what to expect in popular destinations.  The first of these is an interactive international schools tool, which expats can use to check important details like fees, term times, curricula and contact details for a wide range of international schools around the world."

Lloyds TSB

*All figures are from a survey of 1,034 British expats based in the 10 most popular expat destinations. Conducted by Freshminds, the survey uses a sample of expats from each country that is representative of the global spread of British expats. The survey was conducted online in September 2011. The countries involved are: Australia, Spain, USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, UAE, Hong Kong.