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Liege’s TGV station costs more then planned

2 February 2007
BRUSSELS – How much will Liege’s TGV station cost? In 1999 as the first bricks of the station were laid down, the SNBC, Belgium’s rail operator, estimated that EUR 161 million would be enough to cover the construction of a brand new and highly functional train station, capable of accommodating France’s fast train, the TGV. 
In 2001 the projected costs were re-evaluated to EUR 260 million and in 2005 after delays and complications the SNBC said it would, in fact, cost EUR 320 million.
Now that SNBC has released their new projected figures critics say the station will probably cost even more. After all, things could go wrong before 2008, when the station is due to open.
However, as Liege officials see it, the station is still significantly less expensive then the one being built in Antwerp, with estimated costs – which include modifications to the tracks – of EUR 850 million.

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