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Liege police warn of strong heroin

Published on 19/07/2007

19 July 2007

LIEGE – Liege police have arrested the brother of one of two prisoners who died of a heroin overdose in the Lantin prison recently. 49-year-old Giovanni Sciardi bought the heroin in Liege and smuggled it into prison to his brother Victorio on Saturday. Police have warned all hospitals in Liege to be aware that a quantity of particularly strong heroin is circulating in the city.

The brother will be arraigned today. He has confessed to buying the drugs in Leige and smuggling them into prison at his brother’s request. Giovanni Sciardi says he himself is not a drug user.

The police are trying to find the individual who sold him the heroin. A toxicology report indicates that another prisoner has died after injecting a dose of pure heroin.

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