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Liege bans alcohol on public roads

26 June 2007

LIEGE – The city of Liege has banned the consumption of alcohol on public roads. The city council decided this on Monday evening. Drinking is now only permitted along or on the public roads at events or parties sanctioned by the city, at terraces operated by cafés or accompanying light meals.

All factions voted in favour of the measure last night, except for green party Ecolo. The party feels that the measure is “not aimed at combating public drunkenness,” but only targets a population group that is already marginalised: homeless people and addicts.

Liege also has stricter regulations for night shops now. The opening times during the week have been limited to 6 pm to midnight. On Friday and Saturday the shops may stay open until 2 am. Anyone who wants to open a night shop will not be allowed to do so within 400 metres of another night shop, or within 100 metres of a school, hospital or convalescent home.

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