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Liberals demand fairer tax system

16 June 2005

BRUSSELS — The Liberal VLD has declared 16 June to be Fair Tax Day, claiming that its calculations indicate the public is working for the government until that date every year.

Only after 16 June do workers start earning money for themselves, the party said on Thursday.

Official European Commission figures indicated that workers in Belgium face a 45.9 percent tax burden compared with an EU average of 40.5 percent.

It means that 45.9 percent of what Belgian workers earn and produce flows directly into the government’s coffers, newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reported on Thursday.

If that percentage is converted into days, it means that every worker is working for the government until 16 June every year.

VLD chairman Bart Somers said 16 June should now be called the Belgian Fair Tax Day. The party unveiled a huge banner at is main office in Brussels on Wednesday proclaiming its announcement.

Belgian employees work three weeks longer for the State than the average European worker. According to the VLD figures, the European Fair Tax Day is on 28 May.

Only Danish workers have to worker longer for the government then Belgians.

The VLD unveiled its fair tax proposal in May, urging for the introduction of just two tax rates instead of the present five, one of 20 percent and the other of 40 percent. It also proposed to raise the tax-free threshold to ensure the lower-paid did were not taxed.

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