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Lets stick together say Walloons and Flems

19 October 2004

BRUSSELS – Contrary to popular belief, most Walloons and Flemish people do not want Belgium to split in two, a new poll has revealed.

The survey, conducted by research body INRA, shows that 54 percent of French-speakers and 66 percent of the Flemish do not believe Belgium will implode.

Nine out of ten Belgians would not want to see this happening but if it did 54 percent could see Flanders existing as an independent state.

Under this scenario, 24 percent of Walloons would not exclude joining France, with 19 percent believing a union with Luxembourg could also be a possibility.

Only 27 percent of French-speakers could imagine an independent francophone Belgium.

If Flanders and Wallonia were to go their separate ways, 80 percent of Walloons and 72 percent of the Flemish believe they should still remain in Belgium.

But the case of separation would create a potential dispute over who keeps Belgium’s red, yellow and black tricolor flag.

The same would apply to the Belgian royal family, with 73 percent of Walloons and 55 percent of Flems wanting to keep them.

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