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Leterme resists pressure from CDH

12 June 2007

BRUSSELS –Flemish minister president Yves Leterme (Christian democrat CD&V) continues to defend his party’s electoral partner the New Flemish Alliance NV-A from the CD&V’s Walloon sister party the Humanist Democratic Centre (CDH).

Leterme said on the francophone radio station La Première that he is “determined” to include the N-VA in a government, something the CDH is not at all pleased about.

CDH leader Joëlle Milquet said on Monday that she does not want to take part in the government if N-VA is included in the coalition.

Leterme responded dispassionately by saying that “if the party does not want to take part in the government, that is the CDH’s own decision.”

“I have a lot of respect for the CDH, but if Joëlle Milquet decides that they do not want a part in the federal government, we will do it without her,” Leterme added. He added that there are “also other parties” that are up for consideration.

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