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“Leterme looks much better!”

The Federal Deputy Prime Minister Yves Leterme (Flemish Christian democrat) is still at Leuven University Hospital, but was allowed to move from the intensive care unit on Sunday morning. According to PM Guy Verhofstadt (Flemish liberal), "He looks much better!"

Last Thursday Yves Leterme was flown to Leuven University Hospital to be treated for gastro-intestinal bleeding.

The medical team taking care of Mr Leterme did not deem it necessary to keep him in intensive care any longer. Sunday morning he was moved out of intensive care, though visitation is still limited.

It is still unclear when Mr Leterme will be able to resume his political activities. Party colleagues and heavyweights such as Jean-Luc Dehaene and Herman Van Rompuy hope that Mr Leterme will make a quick comeback. Mr Van Rompuy however stresses that more important than a quick recovery is a full recovery.

Schouppe replaces Leterme for Institutional discussion

Interim president of the CD&V Flemish Christian democrat party Etienne Schouppe is replacing Yves Leterme temporarily during the talks on constitutional reforms.

Party colleague Jo Vandeurzen earlier took over Mr Leterme’s task as budget minister.

As well as PM Verhofstadt, Etienne Schouppe and Jo Vandeurzen have also been to hospital to visit the recovering Deputy Prime Minister and PM designate. Regarding his planned take-over as PM around Easter, there has been no comment.