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Leopold’s hairs on victims

22 June 2007
BRUSSELS – The evidence continues to pile up against Leopold Storme (19), the man suspected of murdering his parents and sister.

The Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg report on Friday that hairs from Storme have been found on the victims. He has also reportedly told the investigating magistrate that he was in the shop for some of the time that the incident took place.

Leopold Storme also had cut wounds on his hands and telephone records show that he was in Brussels on Saturday evening. The young man has now admitted this as well. He says that he too was attacked and that was why his hands were cut.

The suspect cannot explain why he did not alert police, the Brussels public prosecution department reports.

The man was questioned all day on Thursday and continues to deny that he killed his parents and sister. The questioning continued until midnight, according to Storme’s lawyer, Pierre Huet. At the defence’s request the court hearing in chambers planned for Friday morning has been postponed until next Friday (29 June).

The Brussels authorities are expected to release more information this afternoon.

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