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Last injured tourists repatriated to Belgium

3 November 2008

At Brussels International Airport Zaventem, another airplane arrived Sunday morning with Belgian tourists injured in the bus accident which took place in Egypt on Friday. A first ambulance plane arrived Saturday morning with 10 injured people. The other 16 surviving passengers arrived home this morning.

Nine people were flown home in an ambulance plane. Seven others flew with Air France to Paris and were taken home with taxis from there.
It is still uncertain when the bodies of the six Belgian tourists who were killed in the bus accident can be are expected to arrive back in Belgium.

On Friday a bus with 32 Belgian tourists was travelling on the road between the towns of Asway and Abu Simbel, the site of two ancient temples. The coach rolled, killing 6 people and injuring the others. 10 of the injured tourists, including four children, were repatriated on Saturday.

The bodies of the six people killed will be repatriated in a few days. The administrative formalities must first be completed in Egypt.