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King meets with party leaders

Published on 12/06/2007

12 June 2007

BRUSSELS – After meeting with the leaders of the Flemish Christian democrat CD&V, Walloon liberal MR, Walloon centrist CDH, and Walloon green party Ecolo on Monday, King Albert received the leaders of Flemish green party Groen!, Flemish liberal Open VLD, Socialist parties PS (Walloon) and SP.A (Flemish) and the Lijst Dedecker on Tuesday.

Groen! leader Vera Dua was the first to meet with the King on Tuesday morning, followed by Bart Somers (Open VLD) and Elio Di Rupo (PS). Talks with Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.A) and Jean-Marie Dedecker (Lijst Dedecker) are taking place this afternoon.

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