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Kabila appeals to Belgium

Published on 10/02/2004

10 February 2004

BRUSSELS – Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC), on Tuesday appealed to the Belgian senate to help rebuild his war-torn country.

Kabila, who is the first African leader to have addressed the senate, asked Belgium to “actively participate in the exceptional reconstruction effort,” in the DRC.

He also thanked the senate for help Belgium is already giving his country including sending troops to help train the DRC’s new united army.

The 33-year old-President confirmed that he was committed to holding fair and democratic election in Congo by 2005 at the latest.

On Monday Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said his country would “make extra efforts,” to ensure that the twin  processes of peace and reconstruction in DRC are a success.

Kabila’s visit to Belgium marks the last stop in a four-capital tour of Europe. During the trip the DRC head of state has tried to convince European leaders that he wants to turn his country into a peaceful, economically stable democracy. 

The DRC was a Belgian colony until 1960.

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