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Joining a polyglotte circle in Waterloo

No doubt, a large number of expats have returned from holiday regretting the fact that they did not make a point of studying more or finding some way of practising the language of their favourite destination in advance.

That is just one of the many reasons for joining a polyglotte circle – an informal environment in which everyone has the opportunity to indulge in everyday conversation in a language that is not their own. For a modest annual subscription, these social gatherings are ideal for people who have a burning desire to practise one or more foreign tongues, whatever their motivation.

The general idea is that the members of a language table will correct each other informally but it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the language before you join because no lessons are given. The polyglotte circle is a club and not a school!

The Cercle Polyglotte de Waterloo meets every Tuesday evening and is always pleased to welcome new members. There are already several nationalities represented and the languages available are dependent on the members who participate each week. Wherever possible, a native speaker will be available to assist with any questions about correct use of the language spoken at any table.

If you are interested, just arrive any Tuesday evening after 20:30h at the Salle Polyvalente next to the “Taverne Le Waterloo” (behind the Maison Communale). If you would like more details first, call the Secretary, Véronique De Laet on 02 354 81 19 (after 20h) or send an e-mail to [email protected].