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Job market ‘improving’ for higher-educationdiploma holders

BRUSSELS – For the first time in three years, the number of jobs advertised to those with higher education or secondary school degrees is on the increase, it was reported Friday.

A study of classified ads in Belgian speciality job-search publications Vacature, Références and Jobat found that the number of jobs advertised to graduates rose eight percent during the first five months of this year. The boom comes after a sharp decrease over the last five years.

The greatest demand was found to be in the areas of research and development, in which advertised jobs rose some 42 percent this year, followed by production and quality control (up 36 percent), technology (up 31 percent) and logistics (up 21 percent).

There are also signs that the trend will continue. After a long period of dormancy, job recruiters in the telecom, information technology and consultancy sectors are once again actively recruiting.

The study was carried out by the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium.

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