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Jihadi fighters to hand in Belgian passports

Published on 26/11/2014

Mr Jan Jambon is also eager to draw up an international list featuring all the world's jihadi fighters who are wanted by various national and international police forces.

Mr Jambon on Tuesday told lawmakers that the fight against the radicalisation of young people is a top priority.

“The government intends to consult with its international partners on how to deal with radicalisation and violent jihadism. We want to draw up an international list of terrorists including jihadi fighters and recruiters that includes information about their travel schedules.”

The Home Minister also wants to draw up a list of jihadi fighters who have been refused entry to Belgium.

People who have been involved with terrorist groups including IS in Syria and elsewhere could lose their Belgian nationality. Similar measures have already been taken by the authorities in Britain and the Netherlands.

Belgium has drawn up a raft of measures to combat jihadi radicalisation and also intends to introduce screening.

The law on mercenaries dating from 1979 is being updated in order to be able to punish Syria fighters returning to Belgium.

Websites promoting hate will be policed by officers going online anonymously.


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