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Is this your last selfie?

Centrepiece of the campaign is a poster designed by 20-year-old Veerle Van Loenhout showing her taking a selfie with her mobile phone as a train approaches behind her.

Despite countless campaigns Belgians seem to enjoy a game with grim reaper and are not heeding warnings not to walk on rail tracks. Nine people were killed in this way last year and seven people were badly injured. Last year 509 incidents of track walking were recordered – up from 477 the previous year.

It’s often youngsters who venture on the rails often to make a dangerous short cut. In order to impress the dangers Infrabel is now launching a new campaign using schocking imagery.

In the run up to the campaign the company satged a competition among students studying communication sciences. In order to make her selfie Veerle Van Loenhout was obliged to take to the tracks herself, but chose to do so during a strike when there was no traffic.


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