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Is Liege the economic capital of its region?

Published on 19/02/2007

19 February 2007

According to a recent study, Brussels is the only city in the Walloon region that can be rightfully classified as an ‘economic centre’.

There is Vervier, Belgium’s water capital; and Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking community. Namur is administrative and political capital of the Walloon region, while Charleroi is said to be the social capital. Mons holds the title of cultural capital, and Binch of Carnival capital.

Finally and at least until now, Liege is considered to be the economical capital of the Walloon regions. But a recent study carried out by economists of the UCL argues that Brussels is the only real economic centre and capital of the Walloon region.

Frédéric Daerden, depute-mayor of Liege and member of the PS, worries that the government intends to “change the location of the region’s economic capital”.

Frédéric Daerden insists that Liege and its region have numerous technologic companies firmly focussed on the future, notably in the military, aviation and space sectors.

Furthermore, despite a much higher concentration of social headquarters and decision-making branches of companies present on Belgian soil in Brussels, Liege officials say that production branches are located throughout the Walloon region and around Liege especially.

Similarly, Brussels’ universities could not afford the research they carry out without the financial support of the Walloon region.

Will Liege keep its economic capital title or will the city lose it to Brussels? One thing is certain, Liege officials will make themselves heard before the proud city is dethroned.

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