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Investigators track down former Fourniret au pair

Published on 25/04/2005

25 April 2005

BRUSSELS – An au pair who worked for self confessed French serial killer Michel Fourniret and his wife when the couple lived in the Belgian Ardennes has been tracked down by Belgian investigators, it was revealed on Monday.

Le Soir reported that the girl is now living outside of Belgium but did not say where.

The newspaper also said the girl is not one of three au pairs Olivier has accused her husband of killing.

The woman was tracked down thanks to information given by Olivier and backed up by her son, who now lives in France.

Investigators have already spoken to the au pair by telephone and hope to interview her in person in near future.

They say they hope the woman may be able to shed some light on what they call the ‘Fourniret method’ – the way in which the killer trapped his victims.

The news of the discovery of the au pair came as investigators ended ten days of digging at Fourniret’s house in Sart-Custinne in the Belgian Ardennes.

It had been hoped that the extensive search may have revealed the remains of at least one of the au pairs Olivier says her husband killed.

But investigators said they found nothing at the site.

Fourniret has so far admitted to eight murders but denies he killed the three au pairs.

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