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Internet through your water pipes?

The Flemish Company for Water Provision (VMW) has announced that it is changing its name to The Water Group (De Watergroep). The company also announced a number of planned innovations at a press conference held on Thursday.

The most striking of The Water Group’s plans is a pilot project to provide telephone, internet and television services through fibre optic cables that will be laid in the pipes that provide the domestic water supply.

According to the company that provides water to most of Flanders, 1 kilometre of cable can be laid in 1 to 2 days. The Water Group would let its network of pipes out to telecom providers.

The company is also to merge its five regional customer service departments. It hopes that this will serve to increase efficiency as well as providing an enhanced service to customers.

The Water Group is also to improve cooperation with the local municipal authorities. The company is also active in a number of projects in the developing world.

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