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Inquiry into secret fights with naked girls

Published on 20/01/2006

20 January 2006

BRUSSELS — Strange fighting matches in which the participating girls ended up with barely any clothes on have been held at a school in Rochefort. 

The fights were organised without the knowledge of the school’s director, French-language public broadcaster RTBF reported.

The public prosecution office in Dinant is now investigating the matter, but has refused to comment further.
RTBF reported about the fights in its regular television news broadcast on Thursday night.

The Dinant public prosecution office said it has been investigating the case since October 2005.

“So far, no one has been charged and there is no reason to suspect someone. Consequently, the Dinant public prosecution office does not wish to make a statement,” public prosecutor Arnould d’Aspremont Lynden said.

“The only thing that I can reveal is that there is no evidence of the involvement of underage youths.”
The organiser of the fights has been questioned by police in his home and a search of the premises was made.

Investigating judge Pierre Hanin is examining whether the participants agreed to the fights. Those that have already been questioned have admitted they had agreed to participate in the fights.

Hanin is also investigating how much money the organiser of the fights earned, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported.

The Dinant judiciary has opened a case dossier based on suspicions of human trafficking and may broaden the scope of investigations to the possible sexual abuse of minors.

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