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Informateur expected today or tomorrow

12 June 2007

BRUSSELS – King Albert II will most likely appoint a francophone liberal as informateur today or tomorrow, newspaper De Morgen reports.

Flemish Christian Democrat CD&V has reportedly indicated to the monarch that it is willing to grant the honour to Didier Reynders’ francophone Liberal party MR.

It may not be Reynders, but rather Louis Michel or another liberal that will be sent to sound out the political parties on their views on the new government.

Liberal sources say that the appointment of two informateurs is being considered. This was done in the early 1990s as well when Willy Claes and Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb were given the task.

This time it would be a Flemish Christian democrat and a francophone liberal who would work side by side. Jean-Luc Dehaene and Louis Michel have been suggested as possible appointments.

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