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Home News Infant survives German camp site family bloodbath

Infant survives German camp site family bloodbath

Published on 24/08/2009

Berlin – A 10-month-old baby girl seemed to be the only survivor of a brutal bloodbath on a camp site during which a married couple and their 29-year-old daughter were stabbed to death, German police said on Sunday.

Police said they had arrested the 33-year-old father of the infant in connection with the killings.

He denied killing the trio but police found an arsenal of weapons in his car, including a samurai sword, a strangulation wire and several other knives.

The man had also suffered light injuries to the face, there were blood stains on the sword and another knife and blood-soaked clothes were discovered in the car.

"Although the 33-year-old has not yet admitted to the deed, the prosecutors and murder commission assume he committed the act," the police statement said.

Following police questioning, it emerged there had been disagreements between the suspect and the family over paternity and maintenance payments.

The crime came to light when a man heard screams around 3:00 am (0100 GMT) at the Coesfeld camping site near the German–Dutch border.

The 48-year-old man rushed to the scene where he found a woman screaming: "We’ve all been stabbed. He’s still here."

The man cautiously opened the door to the house whereupon "it was wrenched violently open and a masked man stood silently in front of the door," according to the police statement.

The killer was chased away with a stick but by the time doctors arrived at the scene, the 53-year-old woman, her 55-year-old husband and their daughter were all dead.

AFP / Expatica