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Industrial zone sealed off in gas leak alarm

Published on 27/10/2005

27 October 2005

BRUSSELS — An industrial zone along the N285 in Ternat was sealed off between 6 and 8am on Thursday due to a gas leak from a medium-pressure pipeline.

The N285 Asse-Edingen was also sealed off around the industrial zone as emergency work was carried out to repair the pipe.

The gas company quickly arrived at the scene and had the situation under control by 8am, allowing Mayor Ronald Parijs to re-open the terrain.
Some 50 companies are situated at the industrial zone, where 2,000 to 3,000 workers are employed, news agency Belga reported.

A truck lost its trailer at about 5.45am on Thursday and the trailer collided with and destroyed a gas tank. A large amount of gas leaked as a result.

Mayor Parijs immediately initiated the disaster plan alarm phase and ordered the industrial zone and regional road N285 to be sealed off.

Hundreds of workers eventually gathered at the entrance to the industrial zone.

However, workers who could not leave the area without approaching the scene of the gas leak were ordered to stay put. That included about 100 Carrefour workers.

Traffic delays were reported after the Assesteenweg was closed. The Asse-bound road leads to the E40 motorway.

Despite the fact the area has since been re-opened, 20 to 30 companies were left without gas early on Thursday afternoon. Parijs expects the gas supply will be fully restored by the end of the day.

A gas explosion in Ghislenghien in July 2004 left 24 dead and 132 injured. Investigations into the tragedy are still continuing.

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