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Illegals arrested in phone-card shops

29 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Some 113 premises were searched in a large operation by both federal and local police to check up on phone-card and night shops on Wednesday.

Six shops were closed down for failing to satisfy social security obligations for personnel and 26 people were arrested not having legal papers. Five others were arrested because they were wanted by police.

This was the ninth raid of the larger Operation Tam Tam, as it was called. Two-hundred police were involved in checking up on 113 shops in greater Brussels, Kortrijk, Menen, Waregem, Antwerp, Herstal, Seraing/Neupré and Liege. A total of 500 people were checked for papers.

In the last raid, Tam Tam 8, police checked up on 109 shops. During that action seven shops were closed down and 33 illegal aliens were taken in.

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