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Illegal labour at Quick

16 May 2007

ANTWERP – Two cleaning companies in Antwerp have been caught during checks for illegal labour.

They were employing illegal aliens and paying others under the table for cleaning seven Antwerp locations of fast food chain Quick.

The illegal workers were being paid less than minimum wage. One African worker was being paid EUR 130 for a 39-hour working week. That comes to EUR 3.30 an hour.

The two cleaning companies could be fined as much as EUR 20,000 per violation

Annick Van Overstraeten, general director of Quick Benelux, pointed out that Quick only recently started contracting out the cleaning of its restaurants and still on a trial basis at the moment.

“We have always acted in good faith,” Van Overstraeten said in a reaction. “Quick has a strict selection procedure for contracting out work and we demand that of our franchise holders as well.”

The fast food chain is investigating the matter.

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