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Identity fraud on the increase

Published on 08/06/2015

This figure concerns identity fraud in the widest sense of the word, from forging or copying someone’s identity card to stealing it in order for it to be used for personal gain.

According to a report in the Sunday freesheet ‘De Zondag’ those that forge copy or steal someone else’s identity card can open a bank account using someone else’s name. The terrorist group IS also uses stolen ID cards for criminal ends.

The figures that appear in De Zondag’s come from an answer given by the Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) to a written question posed by the Flemish Christian democrat federal MP Roel Deseyn.

Mr Deseyn told the paper that “This is a growing problem that we should be concerned about.”

He adds that the fact that a bank account can be opened with a copy of a copy of your identity card gives him cause for concern.
“I can assure you that it is fun when identity fraudsters steal your identity and use it for criminal ends. People end up and a lot of trouble with the police and the courts.”

What to do if you lose your ID card

Lost or stolen identity cards should be reported immediately to the police in the municipality in which the loss/theft occurred or to the population registration department at the Town Hall in your home municipality. In addition to this you should ring “Doc Stop” on +32 2 518 21 23.


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