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Human rights situation in Belgium is disturbing

Published on 13/02/2015

The League is particularly concerned about immigration policy and the number of expulsions.

The organisation points to the controversial Seventy Points Programme of the far right Vlaams Blok.

Human rights activists and conventional political parties threw everything but the kitchen sink at this anti-immigration programme in the nineties, but the Human Rights’ League says that today it has mainly been realised.

Alexis Deswaef, the president of the League’s Francophone wing, notes that the situation with regard to the far right’s Seventy Points Programme is symptomatic.

The programme called for stricter expulsion policies, closed asylum centres and stricter conditions on acquiring Belgian nationality.

“It was a shock to see how many points have been implemented or are no longer taboo for the parties that once said such issues were not fit for discussion.”


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