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Hospital room ready for Dutroux

24 February 2004

BRUSSELS – A special hospital room has been prepared for suspected child murderer Marc Dutroux, in case he should fall ill or need urgent medical care during his forthcoming trial in the Belgian city of Arlon, Belgian broadcaster Bel-RTL reported on its website on Tuesday.

Dutroux will go on trial in Arlon next Monday (1 March) after being arrested nearly eight years ago for the suspected rape and murder of several young girls.

Police and medical experts say they have put aside the special hospital room because they want to be prepared for every eventuality during the trial.

Law enforcement officers have been quoted only as saying the room is being prepared in case Dutroux or one of his three co-defendants – Michele martin, Michel Lelievre and Michel Nihoul – falls ill during the trial.

But other analysts point out that the infamous criminal is also at risk from assassination attempts by angry bystanders. Whenever he has been seen in public since his arrest, Dutroux has always worn a bullet-proof jacket.

The room forms part of a complex plan called ‘rescue’ that has been prepared to ensure nothing untoward happens to any of the defendants in the Dutroux trail.

It has been wired up with video cameras so that the police could watch Dutroux at all times if he ever needed to use the hospital facilities.

Dutroux’s arrest in 1996 shocked Belgium to the core. The case revealed monumental levels of police incompetence and saw public confidence in the country’s political institutions hit an all-time low.

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