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Home more dangerous than traffic

11 September 2007

BRUSSELS – Home is even more dangerous for young children than traffic. Of the 40,000 accidents involving children each year, more than 60 percent happen at home, Het Laatste Nieuws reports. The Union for Family will soon be launching a special website on accidents in the home.

A study by Child & Family indicates that each year one in four children in Flanders is involved in an accident. In total 40,000 children require medical treatment. 60 percent of these accidents occur at home, 15 percent at the home of family or friends. The remaining 25 percent occur in recreation areas, at day care and on the roads. Falls are the most common cause.

Every year about 41 children under the age of 3 die in accidents in Belgium. More than 50 percent of these fatal accidents occur at home, 30 percent involve traffic accidents. The most important cause of deadly accidents in the home is choking on food or vomit. In general boys are more likely to be injured in an accident than girls.

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