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Hasselt prison staff vote to extend strike

4 October 2005

BRUSSELS — As turmoil in the Belgian penitentiary system continued, a large majority of jail staff in Hasselt voted on Tuesday to extend their strike.

Workers rejected a proposed deal previously agreed between unions and prison management in Brussels.

ACOD union official Eric Severijns said workers are demanding a permanent solution to unnecessary transfers of prison guards.

The vote means workers will continue strike action on Wednesday, newspaper ‘De Tijd’ reported.

However, it is not yet certain how long the strike will last. This depends on the preparedness of prison management in Brussels to meet staff demands.

The Hasselt wardens walked off the job at 6am on Tuesday in protest against the fact two guards with a temporary contract were forced to undergo training in Leuven and guards in Leuven are being given permanent contracts in Hasselt.

Despite the fact the Brussels management said it is prepared to allow one guard to undergo training in Hasselt and unions promised to find a permanent solution for all involved parties by December, workers remained dissatisfied.

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